Industrial Security Alarm Systems



Protege WX - GX Range

If Security is critical, then use the best.

Argon Security is certified to install Protege WX, and the Protege GX. The industrial level Security Controls. Protege suitable for everyone – from small single door systems right through to large multi-national corporations. Modular expansion allows the system to grow with you and proves to be very cost effective as you only add Expander modules and optional functionality as you need.

Alarm Industrial Module
Card Access

Access Control

Control WHO can go WHERE and WHEN.

Such a simple sentence sums up Access Control.

Apply this phrase to your workplace if your serious about security.

Security Alarm

Designed with the end user in mind, Protege Security Alarm system has been based around web connectivity, delivering a infrastructure that can be connected all over the world.

Protege systems incorporate Strict high level Security with IP reporting to control rooms.

Alarm Codepad
Remote desktop Alarm

Remote App Management

With no software to deploy to end user PCs, the web client provides a truly cross-platform solution that works on any platform and any device with a modern web browser. Wash your hands of dusty old desktop PCs with the freedom to monitor and control your sites from anywhere, at anytime - the office, from home, or on the road.

Tenanted Buildings

The web client provides an ideal solution for multi-tenanted buildings where each tenant has their own isolated network and where traditional software would be complicated and expensive to install. The web client uses the tenant’s own internet connection, simplifying installation while allowing each tenant to manage and control their users, areas, access levels, and schedules.

Security Floor Plans