Entry Level CCTV

Record, Playback, Remote view


Access your CCTV system from a remote location.

The most desired feature of any CCTV system is to remote access your system from a distant location so you can view your cameras. To perform this function, it will require an internet connection at the Recording unit onsite, and also a mobile device that is able to access the internet. Our experienced field staff will then enable you IP Recording unit to communicate with the mobile app to receive images LIVE from your site.

High Resolution Cameras

We can install 4 to12 megapixel cameras that record in high definition, Infrared lighting allows the user to see in the dark, recording either fulltime, motion only, or a combination of both. But its not just the megapixels that determine the quality of a image, the image is also effected by Compression, Framerate, and bandwidth calculations to optimise a recorded image. Argon Security technicians are qualified to set up a CCTV system to obtain the best performance.

CCTV IP Camera mp
CCTV NVR Recorder

8ch to 32ch Recording device.

Built in Power for the cameras, Terrabytes of Hard Drive space, the 'NVR' is the Heart of the whole system. Argon Security will calculate the Drive size, bandwidth and configuration so the system runs like clockwork.

Lower crime rates are due to CCTV

Break and enter statistics continue to fall. A large factor of due to CCTV now becoming a frontline weapon to discourage intrusion and theft.

Licence check

Full Licenced staff.

All Argon Security staff are fully trained and Licenced. You should never use a unqualified person to perform any work. Our staff are professional in the security Industry.

  • Compliant and licensed with SLED (Security Licensing & Enforcement Directorate) .
  • Cabling licence
  • Work, Health and Safety

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Have your new CCTV system professionally installed by our experienced team. Our skilled technicians will assess your requirements with a free site inspection and appraisal. From this we will be able ensure optimum functionality of your security cameras with precision positioning and minimal wiring. We also offer a range of intercom and alarm installations for added access control.