Commercial Access Control


Access Control can sound very complicated, but here at Argon Security, we have the perfect solution.

When all the requirements and scopes are documented and presented, it really comes down to three simple questions.

Who - When - Where

The objective of ALL access control systems is to

WHO - which person can have access

WHEN - that person can have access

WHERE - that person can have access

Lets look at the example of 3 employee's in a basic wharehouse/Office setup. By applying our simple obectives, we can than determine how the access control should work.


Employee 1

Employee 2

Employee 3


0600-1800 MTWTF

0800-2000 MTWTF






Why do you need Access Control?

The simple answer is in the title of the question. 'Control'

Using keys etc to secure your premise does not give you any 'control' of your building, a key is not even trackable, yet alone offer any restrictions other that stop and go.

By using a acess credential like a proximity card, you regain 'control' of your premise, determining when the area can be accessed, who can have access, and which areas can be accessed. This can be established on a per person basis, and allows a full audit history of useage.

Managed or Un-Managed

A managed Access control system is one of the most effective controls to reduce security risks in the workplace. Efficiency gains are achieved by reducing internal theft and workplace violence, by encouraging employyee propmtness and re-enforcing employee security.

A managed access control system is one of the easiest, most cost-effective methods of increasing security at your store, site or office.

Argon Security also offers the ability for an end user to purchase a reserved set of encryption keys. This effectively gives the organization its own entire set of globally unique site codes and card numbers.

High Level vs Low Level

The Access Card

When it comes to the Cad/Token/Fob used for access control, there is little difference visibly to the naked eye. But not all card are equal, and the real security begings inside the card with the types of technology and coding used to validate a legitimate card.

In the associated image, we have 3 very different levels of security.

  • 26bit wiegand card (easily copied)
  • mifare 1k (can be copied)
  • mifare 4k (hard to copy)
  • desfire (secure)

Allowing or utilising the 26bit card technology is a high risk / low security solution, and not recommended by Argon Security. It offers only one step above the old physical door key and should only be used as a budget choice for Access.