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Remote App access to Intercoms


Intercoms have moved towards a IP based structure now, in simple terms that means that some intercoms have the ability to connect to your mobile phone, allowing remote viewing from anywhere, anytime.

Contact Argon Security for recommendations for

  • 1 door to 1 handset intercom
  • 1 door to many inside locations
  • Many doors to many inside locations

Intercom Door Stations

Single entry Door stations come in a variety of designs to suit all applications. Argon Security recommends vandal resistant stainless steel for a professional finish. Quality of finish is important when first impressions count.

Vandal Intercom
Stainless Finish Intercom
Apartment Intercom Entry

Multi Tenant Intercoms

The main entry of a Multi Apartment Building Intercom system enables the visitor to call a particular office or residence. Each office, residence or apartment will have at internal intercom station allowing them to see and hear the person at the front door and with the press of a button, allow entry to the guest.

Panasonic - a name you can trust

With a video intercom system, you never need to put yourself or your family at risk again. You can now screen visitors from the safety of your home, opening the door for trusted guests or keeping out unwanted or suspicious strangers.

High Quality, High Reliability. The Ultimate Peace Of Mind


  • Add up to 3 additional 7-inch monitors(VL-MV74AZ).
  • Sophisticated and streamlined design
  • 7" LCD Monitor
  • 1.3MP Surface Mount Door Station
  • Silver or White Option