Access Control Systems


Residential Access

Selecting the best system to suit your needs is massively important, you want to provide the perfect level of access and security you require. There is always a needs to balance between keeping the premise safe but also issuing a level of convenience to yourself and your staff. Install a Access Control for your house and do away with Keys. Control who comes in by providing codes for relatives and friends.

Commercial Access Control

Do you need to control who can enter your building, something more secure than just handing out 20 keys and having no process in place to track them. You should consider installing a Access Control system to provide a history of useage, the ability to restrict persons to only the areas that they are permitted.

Industrial Access Control

Do you take your security seriously.

Argon Security takes it seriously, thats why we will invest the time with a site appraisal and recommend the best system for you.

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