Advanced Level CCTV

Record, Playback, Remote view


Access your CCTV system from a remote location.

The most desired feature of any CCTV system is to remote access your system from a distant location so you can view your cameras. To perform this function, it will require an internet connection at the Recording unit onsite, and also a mobile device that is able to access the internet. Our experienced field staff will then enable you IP Recording unit to communicate with the mobile app to receive images LIVE from your site.

Analytic Cameras

Advanced level cameras utilize analytics when calculating certain thresholds and alarms.

Argon Security uses Advanced level cameras throughout Newcastle to provide efficiency gains and added security. Examples of Advanced camera analytics include

  • People Counting

  • Line Crossing

  • Intrusion into defined area

  • Loitering

Expand unlimited

VMS (Video Management Software)

NX Witness is a VMS platform that allows unlimited cameras to be added to the system. No longer are you constrained by 4,8 or 16 camera inputs. By utilising the power of a VMS, Argon Security can design a system that starts a few cameras, and can grow to incorporate 100's of cameras all on one single platform.

Built in Power for the cameras, Terrabytes of Hard Drive space, the 'NVR' is the Heart of the whole system. Argon Security will calculate the Drive size, bandwidth and configuration so the system runs like clockwork.

People Counting

By using a virtual line across the image, analytic cameras can count how many people pass through the line, and also classify if the detection was a entry or a exit.

Virtual Line Crossing

Invisible line alarms can be used to trigger warnings for

  • Vehicles entering a driveway

  • Persons entering a building but no alarm on exit.

  • Protection of critical areas

Area Intrusion

By drawing a box on a area in the image, an alert can be trigger when

  • A object enters the box

  • A object leaves the box

  • A object loiters inside the box the a set period of time.

Have your new CCTV system professionally installed by our experienced team. Our skilled technicians will assess your requirements with a free site inspection and appraisal. From this we will be able ensure optimum functionality of your security cameras with precision positioning and minimal wiring. We also offer a range of intercom and alarm installations for added access control.

Product Choice

Hanwha, formerly Samsung.

  • Formerly Samsung, very proud manufacturer who purchased the samsung brand

  • Fortune 500 company based in South Korea ($44b USD)

  • Becoming a major player in the US after Chinese CCTV manufactures ban.

  • Hanwha manufactures optics for Axis

  • Products are made in South Korea and Vietnam with much tighter quality control.

Newcastles Leading CCTV Camera Installer

Argon Security has been installing CCTV camera systems for many years. With that time come a wealth of experience on the correct way to install cameras. On the surface, most rival companies will be able to obtain a nice clear image, but very few understand how and why CCTV camera systems need to be tuned. Bandwidth, framerate, compression, multicasting all have an effect on not just the CCTV system but can also impact the premise network. By having Argon Security attend to the system we can 'tune' the system to perform at its most reliable.