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With an ever-increasing abundance of considerations when it comes to implementing a modern, effective security system, it can be tricky to navigate the available options and new technology releases. To help manoeuvre amongst this wide range of surveillance options, contact Argon Security from Newcastle.

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Remote CCTV viewing App

Access your CCTV system from a remote location.

The most desired feature of any CCTV system is to remote access your system from a distant location so you can view your cameras. To perform this function, it will require an internet connection at the Recording unit onsite, and also a mobile device that is able to access the internet. Our experienced field staff will then enable you IP Recording unit to communicate with the mobile app to receive images LIVE from your site.


If you’re worried about crime, cameras can not only catch criminals in the act, but the very presence of CCTV systems can make a would-be criminal think twice about any wrong-doing. Think about it, if you planned rob or vandalize a store or office, would you want to do it if you knew you were being recorded?

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CCTV NVR Recorder


CCTV can protect your staff physically against violence from customers. At the same time, it can also protect them against false accusations – perhaps coming from colleagues or even from client and customers.


Having a CCTV camera inside offices may help in creating discipline among the employees. For bosses, who want their presence felt so that efficiency at work is optimized, a camera hovering the employees will give the same effect.

CCTV encourages teamwork
High Risk CCTV


Cameras may be placed in high-risk areas inside a factory. Such areas may include those in which fires can possibly break out. A camera in place there will lessen potential damages because emergency measures can be made immediately. Cameras may also be placed in areas where accidents can happen. This is important so that life-saving measures can be employed promptly..

Have your new CCTV system professionally installed by our experienced team. Our skilled technicians will assess your requirements with a free site inspection and appraisal. From this we will be able ensure optimum functionality of your security cameras with precision positioning and minimal wiring. We also offer a range of intercom and alarm installations for added access control.