Agility Alarm Panel

32 Zone Wireless Security Alarm panel, Inbuilt Camera sensors,

Remote App control

The 2-way wireless alarm system with a cloud based visual verification and smartphone application is designed for the residential and small business.

The system allows images to be viewed on your smart phone so that you are not just alerted when the system is activated but you can also verify that the alarm is an intruder and not just a false alarm.


  • Wireless zones (1-way or 2-way): 32
  • Wired Zones: 4 (with I/O Expander)
  • Wireless PIR Cameras: 8
  • User codes: 32
  • Partitions: 3
  • Remote Controls (1- way or 2-way): 8 (4 button or 8 buttons)
  • Keypads (2-way): 3 - LCD or Slim
  • Self monitoring app gives customers full control
  • Wireless Sounders (2-way): 3 (Indoor or Outdoor)

The Single Intuitive iRISCO App

Enjoy full control of your security, safety, and Smart Home features directly from a single intuitive app, from any location as you go about your day. The iRISCO smartphone app provides you with convenient control on the go for total life management.