Mobile App Setup Dahau VIP remote access, ARGON Security

1‚Äč. From the home screen of the mobile

application select "Camera".

2. Select the menu button.

3. Select Playback.

4. Select the + Icon to for a device to playback.

5. Choose a beginning date and time

6. Choose a end date and time

7. Toggle on to choose record type. ( All, Regular, Alarm, and Motion Detect)

8. Select a device from the list to playback.

  • With your mobile device in hand, go to your local recorder, navigate to the P2P/Easy4IP settings and scan QR code to the right hand side. You will also see the SN (Serial Number) of the recorder underneath the QR code, you may use that to manually type in the SN into the SN field of the IDMSS/GDMSS mobile app. Note: you must have P2P/Easy4IP "enabled" from the local recorder with a status that either shows "online" or "connect success".

8. Input the username -> password -> and select live preview. By selecting "Start live preview" device will be automatically saved into the application.